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Intelligent protection International Limited

"A British company with international reach"

Our close protection services

Intelligent Protection International Limited provides close protection bodyguards and executive protection services to meet our clients' requirements, whether it is in a hostile environment or a capital city. We operate with an amalgamation of professional standards, great management and highly experienced personnel.

Risk and threat

Our Close Protection services are diverse and tailored to our clients' needs. We understand the balance between business and family life and the need to fit around the client whilst giving the best protection possible.

Part of understanding their needs often involves a security review and risk assesment.

Our experience in providing specialist close protection and executive protection services is second to none; our bodyguard operatives are former members of British Military, Special Forces (SAS/SBS) or are from a Royal Protection or intelligence background.

In addition to our close protection bodyguard services, Intelligent Protection International Limited also has a number of technical support personnel and specialist driving officers to support any executive protection or bodyguard task Worldwide.

International Close Protection

Since our incorporation Intelligent Protection International Limited has carried out Close Protection tasks Worldwide, our bodyguards operating from London, Paris, Cannes, Monaco, Saint Tropez to the deserts of West Africa and the Middle East.

From two Close Protection bodyguards to a full close protection team with supplemented services, or French or Arabic speaking bodyguards, please contact us to discuss your requirements.

British Standards:

Being a British registered company and keen on administration and operational standards, these include the code of practice for close protection services, screen security personnel and Quality management. Customer satisfaction and complaints handling:

  1. BS 8507-1: 2008
  2. BS 7858: 2012
  3. BS ISO 9001: 2008
  4. BS ISO 10002: 2004
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A visit to London

Often clients contact us from all over the world and part of their preparations for their vist to London.

We often advise our clients on planning their business visits or vacations in order to make their trip to London as comfortable and safe as possible. With great local knowledge we can of course advise on all the best restaurants and places to visit.

Close Protection in London

International product launches

Being a true international company we are equiped to cover your security requirement as your product launches moves from city to city or country to country.

We offer one point of contact while working within national and international legal requirements.

Utilising bilingual operatives we are able to provide your team and clients a hassle free experience.

Event Security Services

Business trip to Mauritania

Need to travel to Mauritania or any other area off the beaten track?

Often clients travel to far flung corners of the globe, our job is to ensure that all you have on your mind is your business. We have vast experience of countries that are often on the FCO's list of countries not to travel to. Planning and preparation is the key, as is local knowledge of laws and customs.

Close Protection in Africa

Securing your home

Securing your home and your family is on the top of everyones' list of priorities.

Family life is very important, our experience of working with families has enabled us to produce workable/feasible, cost effective solutions to securing their homes. What we don't do is produce "Fort Knox"; we are all about practical solutions.

Residential Security