Commercial Travel Risk Services

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Commercial Travel Risk Services

“Our Commercial Travel Risk Services mitigate travel risks for your staff”

Are your staff left exposed by risks when they travel?

corporate travel risks Intelligent Protection International Limited provides bespoke travel risk reports for commercial clients.

If you cannot honestly answer these questions with YES, then you need our services:

a. Do you provide your staff with all the support they need when they travel?
b. Do you provide travel risk reports for your staff when they travel?
c. Do you have a travel risk policy?
d. Do you send female staff to countries with the Zika Virus?
e. Do your staff know what to do if something goes wrong when they travel?

Now, read all of the above and answer as if you were giving evidence to a court or an inquest…

Travel Risk – Corporate Responsibility and Duty of Care

Understanding how to mitigate corporate travel risks starts by identifying the risks associated with the location that the individual is travelling to and depending on their sex or nationality or religion, other factors can come into play.

When it comes to corporate travel and risk mitigation, we like to think not “what if”, but “when”; because like it or not, things do go wrong when people travel.

As a company, you need to show that you have done all that you can to prove if need be, that you have done all you can to make travel safe for your staff. Companies and organisations have a legal and moral duty of care towards their staff and this of course includes staff travelling for business.

Unless a company has got a substantive and well-communicated corporate travel policy and travel risk system in place, it is exposed legally. A company must clearly show where the duty of care starts and when it ends and all that it has mitigated for all foreseeable risks.

Presenting travel risks to staff in a way that they understand will have the benefit of giving them comfort that their employer is doing everything that they can to ensure that they are safe. This is good for morale and good morale often means better productivity and does almost certainly mean better retention of staff.

It is also wise to remember that different people have different thresholds and of course what might be a crisis to some, is brushed off by others.

Our travel risk assessments

We analyse lots of different sets of data when we produce our Travel Risk Advisories as well as monitoring different news sources in different languages. This plus local knowledge helps us produce a quality corporate travel risk assessment that is updated frequently and live during major events, giving an accurate picture of the on-the-ground situation. An example of this was the 2017 London Terror attacks, where our page for London was updated over 100 times in 24 hours.

What does this mean for your business?

We can work with you to do three things. We can help your business mitigate travel risks and ensure that your staff understand your corporate travel policies and that they buy-in to the whole concept of commercial travel risk management.

Our Travel Advisories provide your staff with:

  1. Risk information
  2. Cultural information
  3. Emergency Services contact information
  4. Embassy and consulate contact information
  5. Live interactive mapping
  6. Live Security and Terror-related newsfeed
  7. Confidence and trust!

Travel Policy

business travel risk reportsWe can work with you to write an adequate travel policy that carries your core values and goes a long way to mitigating the risks that business travelers face.

Travel Risk programs – we can develop an AI Travel Risk program that takes the leg work out of mitigating travel risks via tedious business travel risk assessments. This program is a web-based platform that both informs of the risks prior to travel and pushes alerts to both staff and management if the on-ground situation changes while the member of staff is deployed.

We monitor and report the following:

  1. Political risk
  2. Health risk
  3. Security and terrorism risk
  4. Natural disasters

Travel Risk Training

We can provide a bespoke training package for your company that can include trauma first aid, defensive driving skills, situational awareness….

Close Protection

We can provide close protection services for staff who are either visiting high risk locations or when deemed vulnerable due to a known threat.

If you are interested in our Commercial Travel Risk Services, please contact either our London office on +44 207 4566740, v or via email

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