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Product launch

Product Launch in Paris & London

Being an international company, we were asked by a leading perfume brand to secure venues in Paris and London for the launch of their new perfume.

Attended by many of the top fashion names in Europe, the launch attracted a lot of media attention.

Our management liaised with the client’s creative team to ensure that the security requirements were identified and that all manpower requests were within budget and met the findings of our risk assessment.

One of the issues faced was that a few of the models used by the client had previous problems with stalkers - so, this was a major concern and the key issue that was addressed.

If you are planning an event and require Event Security staff, for further details of this service, see: Event Security Services.

Security for Society Weddings

Society Weddings

Intelligent Protection International Limited was approached by the family of a client who was getting married. There was a concern about someone who had been stalking the bride a few years before.

Our management discussed the risks with the wedding party and we were briefed on the likely press coverage of the wedding due to the celebrity status of the couple.

We deployed both overt and covert security officers at the wedding. The happy day was exacty that and the couple departed for their honeymoon.

Intelligent Protection International Limited is happy to discuss any requirements that you might have in regards to security for your wedding. For further information, please see: Wedding Security Services.

Security for Annual General Meeting's

AGM Security

Sometimes the commercial activities of a company will draw the attention of activists and a company’s Annual General Meeting may be the focus point for demonstration.

Intelligent Protection International Limited has worked with two such companies who face threats of protesters. In both cases, these firms came to use because they were unhappy with their present security and they felt that the security firms that they had historically used were lack lustre and not proactive. In one case, the client had found that the security provider had posted photos of their event on social media.

In both cases, we were able to work with the client to understand the specific and historically threats to the company in order to provide the very best possible AGM security.

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