Residential Security Case Studies

security review

Government Client

Intelligent Protection International Limited was asked by an existing Government client to take over the residential security of one of their large London residences after they found that their existing security provider had been taking advantage of their relationship and had been invoicing the client for services that had not been agreed, nor carried out!

Our first task was to carry out a full security review of the residence and to re-vet all household personnel as a clean starting point.

On review, we found that the alarm system was not monitored with police response as it should have been, this issue was addressed and the alarm system was updated in-line with the client’s budget.

We placed a Residential Security team with the client, all of whom were former members of the UK armed forces, vetted and well trained. The security service that we were able to supply was in-budget and the contract is on-going.

If you are interested in learning more about our Residential Security Services please see: Residential Security.

home security

Businessman & Family

When you have worked hard all of your life to build up a business and to create a nice home for your young family, the last thing that you want to worry about is threat/risk.

Intelligent Protection International Limited was asked by a corporate client of our sister company, International Intelligence Limited, to provide a security review and two security officers on a 24-hour contract to carry out protection of our client's home.

Our client liked the idea of having former Ghurkhas at his home for security and peace of mind. We were able to supply two former members of the Ghurkha Rifles, with management and support as required. Our main concern was the needs of the client and his family. So, the choice of the right security team was very important; the client wanted them to “fit in” with his family life.

Further to this, the client was provided with a security trained driver, as and when required and made use of International Intelligence Limited’s Technical Surveillance Counter Measures (TSCM) Services.