security reviews

Security reviews

“Security reviews are a balance between possible threat, financial loss and the cost of security”

It does not matter how good you think your physical or technical security is, only by periodic review will you obtain a high standard of security with workable policies.

Reviewing your security and including internal policies should be part of your on-going business development, changing as your business grows. Intelligent Protection International Limited, carries out Security Reviews and Risk Assessments as a prerequisite to Close Protection Services, or as in many cases, as a standalone service for our clients.

These days, many Company Executives often work from home, or other remote locations that are often not a secure environment to conduct company business or to discuss important business transactions.

As part of any Review we will work with your management to review your internal policies to ensure that they are within current legal guideline, understood by the workforce and that they are workable. One area that we seek to develop is your Major Incident Management Plan (MIMP), again, to ensure it if for purpose.

Intelligent Protection International Limited provides a full and cost-effective Security Review to enable security to be provided, based on sound practice and the experience of members of our team. Our Security Review Service is designed to mitigate risk and to identify areas of weakness that could be exploited.

Our services cover:

  1. Full Physical Security Review
  2. Policy and Proceedure Review
  3. Physical Penetration Testing
  4. Computer & IT Security Review
  5. Technical Penetration Testing
  6. Technical Surveillance Counter Measures (TSCM)

Reviewing your Security
Our approach, counters with that of someone who wants to steal from you, or your business. We could look at soft, easy options, working our way up to more complicated IP theft or acts of espionage.

A dedicated Physical & Technical Security Review and Penetration Testing will often seek to exploit reduced levels of security at these areas to gain important information. A Technical Surveillance Counter Measures (TSCM) Sweep Service, should also include any such global satellite office locations.

Please contact us to discuss any requirements that you might have, or to answer any question regarding this service.

Want to know about Panic Buttons?

With our Tracking Services, we have a great option for a Panic Button for your home or office. Once activated, we can have the Police respond.

See our: Satellite Tracking Services

Can you ask us questions?

Yes, every security review is different.

Please feel free to email or call us with your questions about security reviews. We are here to help.

Can we work within budget?

Yes, we can work within a set, realistic budget.

Sometimes, very small cheap changes can be made that will improve the overall security strategy. It is not about throwing money at it; it's more about being intelligent about it.

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