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SIA Phone Number and Contact Details

“How best to contact the Security Industry Authority about your application”
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by Virginie Roux, Head of Marketing
26 August 2019 | Close Protection

Contacting the SIA

If you work in security or want to enter this industry, you will occasionally be dealing with the SIA. The Security Industry Authority is an organisation who regulates the private security sector in the United Kingdom, and is responsible for issuing licences to individuals that are mandatory to operate in security in the UK.

Close Protection Officers, Door Supervisors, Security Guards, CCTV Operators are all positions that require a licence. If you recently qualified in one of these roles, you will need to apply for your licence. Conversely, if you already hold an SIA card, you will need to renew it every three years.

The timescale for processing your application will depend on different factors, and won’t be identical for everyone. Your nationality, address history, criminal record if you have one, and other elements may affect and delay the process of getting your licence.

From time to time, you may need to get in touch with the SIA to follow up on the progress of your file, if your demand is taking more time than expected. However, contacting the SIA can sometimes prove to be quite challenging - when you need an urgent response. The SIA website is quite ambiguous when it comes to displaying their contact details, as they prefer to process queries online.

As a security provider, we can understand the frustration that this can cause to people who work on the circuit. So as to improve your experience when contacting the SIA, this guide provides you all the information you need to effectively correspond with this organisation.

SIA Online User Account

When applying for an SIA licence, applicants need to register on the SIA website to complete their application. The SIA website features a user interface where you will be invited to enter your personal details, and complete the online licence application form.

Their online system automates the licensing process after you applied for your SIA card. To avoid any unnecessary communication, the system will update your account to confirm that your application is being processed and will send you different notifications; such as messages requesting your action, or confirming that your application is being handled by their support team.

You should keep an eye on the progress of your online application by going to “My Applications”, when you are logged in. This page shows you the status of your request and will display the steps that you’ve already completed with success. It will also inform you of the next stage you need to take, when an action is marked as “Not Completed”, in case additional information is required. Any pending actions that are showed as “In Progress” are being taking care of by the SIA.

From the user portal, you can also easily notify the SIA of any modifications you would like to make to your account, such as change of name, new criminal offences or convictions, changes to your “right to work” status, new mental health detentions, and gender information that need amending.

As a result, your online account should limit correspondence with the SIA to a minimum, providing a suitable solution for everyone.

How to contact the SIA

If you consider that the help you are receiving from the online user portal isn’t sufficient and want to ask questions to a member of the SIA staff, you can contact the SIA via an online form by clicking: “Contact the SIA”.

We would recommend using the contact form on your account, and not the one on their website, just so your message is linked to your SIA account to display your information.

SIA Contact Number

In the last resort and if the methods of contact described above turn out to be ineffective, because your request is urgent, or you haven’t had yet any answer to your message; you may then be left with no other option but to call the SIA. One complication that many will face is that the SIA website doesn’t list anywhere their contact number.

Fortunately for you, they do have a helpline that you can call by dialling the following contact number for the SIA: 0300 123 9298. Their service is opened from Monday to Friday, from 9am to 5pm.

Last but not least! We would recommend if you are renewing your SIA card to do it at least a month in advance, as renewals can take up to six weeks depending on your situation. By renewing it before your licence runs out, it will prevent you from having no licence, which is compulsory to continue working in security. That way, it should take the stress away of having to contact the SIA to find out when you will get your licence!

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