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Personal Tracking System

“With satellite tracking you are never totally alone!”

Personal Tracking System (PTS): Multi-purpose GPS/GSM/2G/3G

Many clients ask: Why not just use software or an App on a mobile phone?
- The answer to that is really simple, because that is normally the first thing that “they” will take.

Intelligent Protection International Limited works very closely with a UK manufacturer of covert satellite tracking systems in provided the best operational and cost efective trackign systems. Idea for the tracking of staff in hostile environments either in vehicle or covert carry.

The Personal Tracking System has been designed to suit the needs of a wide variety of tracking operations making it suitable for a wide range of clients. With its small size, and internal battery and antennas; the Personal Tracking System can be used without any hassle, quickly and discreetly.

Stores GSM Cell Locations
The Personal Tracking System (PTS) stores the locations of GSM cell towers alongside GPS locations in order to provide even more tracking information, enabling a more accurate reading when in built up areas.

3G Transmission
obviously an important feature and unlike other trackers available, the Personal Tracking System is capable of transmitting using GSM/GPRS/EDGE and/or 3G. This means it has access to a far greater number of cell masts, and is therefore less likely to suffer from blackspots or dead zones.

Improved Processing Power
The Personal Tracking System is fitted with an all-new and improved processor that allows it to perform advanced functions and operate much more efficiently.

Our Personal Tracking System system uses the most up to date version of Open Street and/or Google Earth Mapping, with both Map view and Satellite image view options usable. The use of this up to date mapping allows our operations room to pin-point your tracking system down to the nearest few meters anywhere in the World.

Rental & purchasing options

Short-term Rental - Host the device with Intelligent Protection International and rent for the period you need to satisfy the task (minimum period of two weeks).

Long-term Rental - Take the stress out of your tracking operation by permanently renting the device and allowing Intelligent Protection International to manage the hosting of your tracking system and all its devices.

Both rental options include a SIM card provided by Intelligent Protection Internationa which will function in over 100 countries worldwide. Renting the tracker from Intelligent Protection International also provides full servicing and training of product use.

Outright Purchasing - If you would rather take full ownership of the tracking device, it can be purchased outright from Intelligent Protection International.

Technical Specifications

Size: 101mm x 51mm x 15mm
Weight: 88 grames
Connector: Micro USB
Internal battery: Lithium polymer, 1300mAh, rechargeable
GSM System: Dual/Quad Band
Communication: TCP-UDP and HTTP
Reports: Number of GPS satellites, GSM and battery strength
Data-logging: Long/Lat + GSM-Cell-ID (when GSM active)
Memory: 32,512 positions, OR 16,256 with Cell IDs
GPS Module: Highly sensitive, energy saving
Energy-control: Several configurable power modes
GeoFencing: 16 programmable GeoFences
Movement Sensor: G-force sensor, non-mechanical

Items included:
- USB cable for charging from laptop & diagnosis
- USB stick with documentation

Available accessories:
- Waterproof enclosure
- Provision for magnetic deployment
- Belt-worn holster
- USB solar charger
- External battery
- World-roaming SIM card
- External panic button

Aditional software available:
Configuration, monitoring, live tracking, alarm forwarding to cellphones, email and computers. More time saving automatic functionality via our user friendly software system CPServer/CP2/CPW and CPMobile.

Live Tracking Mode:
Always active and online. Live positions continuously transmitted 6 Hours

Sleep Mode:
Powered-down until configured intervals 1.6 Years

Standby Mode:
Powered-down until woken by an SMS message 36 Days

Stealth Mode:
Active but unreachable. GSM is off to avoid detection but GPS stores positions in on-board memory
No motion - 1.2 Years
Continuous Motion - 59 Hours

Operation Mode
Economic - Only powered-on and reachable while in motion
No motion: 1.2 Years
Continuous Motion: 50 Hours

Comfort - Always reachable, GPS active while in motion
No motion: 36 Days
Continuous Motion: 50 Hours

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