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Antibes security

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Villa Vacation - Antibes, France

Privacy is at the top of the list for many UHNWIs and celebrities when on vacation. Paparazzi with long lenses or who are using drones want the latest snap at almost any price.

In the summer of 2017, Intelligent Protection International provided a number of bodyguards for clients in the South of France. Clients ranged from US celebrities to Arab Royalty - all with different requirements.

Intelligent Protection International provides security solutions from small to large multilingual teams, including villa security. We can also recommend local partners to provide suitable vehicles and experienced, vetted drivers.

The summer season starts early in the South of France with the Festival de Cannes in May.

Intelligent Protection International Limited is the first UK company certified to provide Bodyguard services in France. For further information, please see: Bodyguards in France.

Skiing Bodyguards France

Close Protection - Skiing Bodyguards

The winter season 2017/18 has proved to be very busy for Intelligent Protection International Limited, the first UK firm certified to provide Bodyguards in France. We were contacted by one of our clients who went on vacation with his family to Courchevel, staying in their own private family chalet and of course required two skiing bodyguards to accompany them for the duration, including on the ski slopes.

The slopes of the French Alps often attract Ultra-High-Net-Worth Individuals, Royals and Celebrities for both skiing and of course the famous apres-ski scene.

Our services consisted of two ski-bodyguards that also provided medical cover for clients, as well as providing chalet security services. Facilitating transportation and a meet and greet service at Geneva Airport.

Intelligent Protection International Limited is happy to discuss any requirements that you might have. For further information, please see: Skiing Bodyguards.

royal bodyguard

Close Protection - Royalty Protection

For a number of years, we have been contacted by the private offices for members of Royal families seeking Royalty Protection Services around the world, including the UK, France, Far East and the Americas.

Every Royal client is different and as such, their bespoke requirements need to be met. Most request 24/7 security, including vehicles and drivers, although some family offices have either their own vehicles or an ongoing relationship with a service provider.

Privacy is of course paramount to any Royalty Protection Service, as is understanding Royal protocol, etiquette and cultural sensitivities. Providing a high standard of Royal Protection can be very complex and have many moving parts that need to be brought together.

It is not at all uncommon for Royal clients to request that our teams travel with them. This can involve some permit and visa requirements but with notice, these can be overcome.

Intelligent Protection International Limited has several contracts with Royal families from around the world, including the Middle East. If you are interested in these services, please see: Royalty Protection Services.

High net worth family

Close Protection - High-Net-Worth Family

Intelligent Protection International Limited was tasked in 2009 with the protective detail for a London/Paris based family of five.

The family was in London and Paris from the USA, for a period of six months and had in the past faced both unwanted press attention and had encountered issues with stalkers.

Having met with the family, we decided that the best approach was threefold; close protection for husband and wife, protective surveillance for the children and nanny, and a full counter surveillance/counter espionage package to protect business dealings and movements.

The team consisted of:

  1. 1 x Security Manager
  2. 2 x Team Leaders/Close Protection Officers
  3. 4 x Close Protection Officers
  4. 2 x Counter Surveillance
  5. 1 x Security Trained Driver

Further to this, we also supplied the family with Technical Surveillance Countermeasure (TSCM) Services via our sister company, International Intelligence Limited.

close protection moscow

Close Protection - Victim of Shooting

In 2010, Intelligent Protection International Limited was contacted by a former client, the owner of a large international business who had been shot at close range while visiting one of his businesses in Moscow.

Our client, who was not only facing life threatening injury but was also totally traumatised by the whole event, required our protection and a medical evacuation as quickly as medically and operationally possible.

Within hours, we had a manager who arrived in Moscow, met with the client, assessed the immediate threat and liaised with the Police.

Not happy with the Police Investigation, the level of security at the hospital, or the level of medical treatment, we obtained the permission of the client and his family to extract him to the UK for further treatment.

Within a few days, our client was medically evacuated under our protection. Once in London, our team briefed and liaised with the UK Police and provided on-going protective services to the client and his family.

Intelligent Protection International Limited is happy to discuss any requirements that you might have. For further information please see: Close Protection Services.

close protection mauritania

Close Protection - Expansion into Mauritania

An international company was interested in opening an office in the Mauritanian capital of Nouakchott, and while the firm had experience in expansion in European cities, they knew nothing about North Africa, its people, culture and any associated security implications.

Meeting with the client, and discussing with them the security problems in Mauritania, including updating them on the problems in the region as a whole, the complex requirements of our client's operation meant that some liaison with Mauritanian government departments were required. This was arranged by our office in Mauritania with the help of local contacts.

We were asked to give a presentation to the clients on local customs and the history of the country; this helped our clients understand Mauritania and indeed its people.

Our office in Mauritania was able to meet the clients at the airport, assist with travel documentation, handle all of the security and logistics during the three-week visit to Nouakchott. The local knowledge of our team enabled the clients to enjoy some of the local restaurants and even a trip to experience the desert.

Intelligent Protection International now has an on-going relationship with this client and manages all security requirements in the region. If you require further information about our services for Africa, please visit our page: Close Protection for Africa

If you feel that Protective Surveillance may suit your particular circumstances or for more information please see: Protective Surveillance.

Close protection case studies

Protective Surveillance - A-list celebrity

Being in the limelight, the face of a band, young and beautiful often attracts the wrong type of attention, over and above fans and the media.

Managing protection of a young pop star is very challenging indeed. Intelligent Protection International Limited was tasked with providing security and close protection for the UK visit of a young, US-based pop star for a period of six weeks.

The record company was very keen on a low profile approach to security, while maintaining overall command and control of any situation as it developed.

We provided a team of six former members of the SAS, as a high profile close protection team - this was supported by a team of eight, in the role of protective surveillance operatives.

During the visit, our protective surveillance team was able to aid in defeating cunning journalists and fans from trying to enter our secure areas. Two journalists also tried to obtain information via the hotel bins. This was pre-empted and the bins contained nothing damaging.

If you feel that Protective Surveillance may suit your particular circumstance or for more information please see: Protective Surveillance.

anti stalking

Protective Surveillance - Anti-Stalking

Intelligent Protection International Limited was instructed by a leading London firm of solicitors to liaise with both their client and the police service over an issue with persistent stalking of one of the firm's clients.

Upon our arrival to the solicitors office, it was clear that the client was visibly shaken and detached at the persistent stalking that she had been subjected to.

Not entirely happy with the level of police response to the accusation or evidence already presented, the client had sought legal action in the form of an injunction, while the police carried out further investigation.

We fitted the client’s home with covert CCTV cameras, a panic button and provided a small team of protective surveillance operatives to gain evidence of breaches to the injunction.

The stalker was further arrested and charged. Our client has since had counselling and has moved location and job.

Intelligent Protection International Limited produced an article on historic celebrity stalking cases, which includes reviewing what role private security may have played. For further information, please see: Celebrity Stalking Cases.

security review

Residential Security Teams - Government Client

Intelligent Protection International Limited was asked by an existing Government client to take over the residential security of one of their large London residences after they found that their existing security provider had been taking advantage of their relationship and had been invoicing the client for services that had not been agreed, nor carried out!

Our first task was to carry out a full security review of the residence and to re-vet all household personnel as a clean starting point.

On review, we found that the alarm system was not monitored with police response as it should have been, this issue was addressed and the alarm system was updated in-line with the client’s budget.

We placed a Residential Security team with the client, all of whom were former members of the UK armed forces, vetted and well trained. The security service that we were able to supply was in-budget and the contract is on-going.

If you are interested in learning more about our Residential Security Services please see: Residential Security.

home security

Residential Security Teams - Businessman & Family

When you have worked hard all of your life to build up a business and to create a nice home for your young family, the last thing that you want to worry about is threat/risk.

Intelligent Protection International Limited was asked by a corporate client of our sister company, International Intelligence Limited, to provide a security review and two security officers on a 24-hour contract to carry out protection of our client's home.

Our client liked the idea of having former Ghurkhas at his home for security and peace of mind. We were able to supply two former members of the Ghurkha Rifles, with management and support as required. Our main concern was the needs of the client and his family. So, the choice of the right security team was very important; the client wanted them to “fit in” with his family life.

Further to this, the client was provided with a security trained driver, as and when required and made use of International Intelligence Limited’s Technical Surveillance Counter Measures (TSCM) Services.

security drivers

Security-Trained Drivers - Middle East Visit

Intelligent Protection International Limited was contacted by a US firm that wanted to carry out a visit to sites in the Middle East with a view to using them as filming locations.

We were able to provide a pre-visit intelligence and risk assessment, along with a “culture pack” that helped the visitors understand the do's and dont's of Islamic culture.

The client was a guest of a government department, so while close protection was not a major issue, the client wished for three security-trained drivers who not only had close protection experience, but who were also medically-trained.

This task was carried out over a three-week period without incident.

If you are interested in learning more about our Security-Trained Drivers, please see: Specialist Chauffeurs.

security chauffeurs

Security-Trained Drivers - Visiting Royal Family

Being asked to provide security-trained drivers for a visiting Royal Family is of course a distinction. Our CEO is a former Aide to members of the British Royal family and is experienced in dealing with the security implications, logistical management and police liaison for Royal visits, official or private.

While the family was making a private visit to the UK, they had a requirement for vetted and fully trained security drivers to work alongside their own close protection team; working closely on planning and movement management.

We deployed a team of six security-trained drivers, all of whom had served in the police in a traffic role and all of whom had great skill and diplomacy in working with VIPs.

The visit took place over a ten-day period that included lunches and dinners with members of the British Royal family and other private engagements.

Satellite Tracking

Satellite Tracking - Fleet Tracking & Monitoring

For many of our clients, managing the logistics of a fleet of vehicles during exploration is a daunting task.

We were asked by one of our existing clients to provide a satellite tracking and monitoring service for a fleet of ten vehicles.

The client was carrying out exploration in Mauritania, based in Nouakchott and travelling daily to desert regions. The client felt that they needed better management regarding where the vehicles were at all times. Furthermore, the option of our panic button and rapid reaction service provided peace of mind and a better level of security for the client.

Our satellite tracking and monitoring service proved invaluable when one of the client’s vehicles was involved in an accident and on another occasion when a vehicle suffered an engine fire.

On both of these instances, our rapid response team was able to make quick contact with the vehicle occupants and travel out to assist and retrieve them.

Product launch

Event Security - Product Launch in Paris & London

Being an international company, we were asked by a leading perfume brand to secure venues in Paris and London for the launch of their new perfume.

Attended by many of the top fashion names in Europe, the launch attracted a lot of media attention.

Our management liaised with the client’s creative team to ensure that the security requirements were identified and that all manpower requests were within budget and met the findings of our risk assessment.

One of the issues faced was that a few of the models used by the client had previous problems with stalkers - so, this was a major concern and the key issue that was addressed.

If you are planning an event and require Event Security staff, for further details of this service, see: Event Security Services.

Travel Security

Travel Security - Indian Business Trip

In 2008, we were contacted by a previous client of ours, who had a number of sales and technical personnel travelling to India. The day before, terrorists had attacked a hotel and other public areas in Mumbai leading to the deaths of a number of people, both locals and tourists.

The client's visit had to take place, to not go to India would have been a sign of weakness and a loss of respect within the industry and to its Indian and international clients and partners.

Our CEO, Mr Alex Bomberg, took personal charge of the security arrangements, briefing the clients and advising on the best way forward.

While it is not likely that we could stop a terrorist attack, our clients wanted the peace of mind that it had on the ground eyes and ears and someone watching the back of its employees should the worse happen - as well as having someone who could manage the situation and deliver an exit strategy if it was required.

If you are planning a vacation or business trip and think that you might require Travel Security Services for the duration, please see our page: Travel Security.

Security for Society Weddings

Event Security - Society Weddings

Intelligent Protection International Limited was approached by the family of a client who was getting married. There was a concern about someone who had been stalking the bride a few years before.

Our management discussed the risks with the wedding party and we were briefed on the likely press coverage of the wedding due to the celebrity status of the couple.

We deployed both overt and covert security officers at the wedding. The happy day was exacty that and the couple departed for their honeymoon.

Intelligent Protection International Limited is happy to discuss any requirements that you might have in regards to security for your wedding. For further information, please see: Wedding Security Services.