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Our management team

“Our close protection services utilise former British Intelligence Officers, in support of highly skilled former UK Special Forces personnel”

Alex Bomberg - Group CEO

Alex founded our sister company International Intelligence Limited in 2002, and in 2008 split the activities of International Intelligence into a group structure; Intelligent (UK Holdings) Limited is the management part of that structure.

  1. International Intelligence Limited
  2. Intelligent Armour Limited
  3. Intelligent Training International Limited
  4. Intelligent Protection International Limited

As Group CEO Alex oversees the management of large projects and cases, as well as liaising with clients across the world.

One important focus for Alex is the International element of the companies within the Group. Alex draws upon his knowledge of running cross border intelligence operations to assist in producing a World-class Close Protection Service.

Since 2002, Alex has been a major contributor to a number of TV News broadcasts, appearing on the BBC (TV and Radio), Sky News, Channel 4 News in the UK and on CNN, CBS, Global News & CTV in North and South America.

Alex has also written, contributed or been interviewed for articles in both National and international press, including The Washington Times in the USA, The Telegraph in the UK and RIA Novosti in Russia. Further to this Alex has also taken part in TV Documentaries for the BBC and for Discovery Channel; as well as having written articles for specialist trade publications such as the Law Gazette, Legal Week Global and the Institute of Directors Magazine. The latest interviews given by Alex were with the South China Morning Post on the spread of ISIS through Asia and the Kim Kardashian robbery in Paris in 2016. These can be found in our media library.

Alex is a former soldier in the British Army and a former Aide to members of the British Royal family at Kensington Palace, London.

Alex Bomberg


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Telephone: +44 (0)207 4566740

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George Foster - Group Managing Director

George joined Intelligent (UK Holdings) Limited in November 2016 as Group Managing Director.

With a diverse background in security, George comes to the businesses with the responsibility of guiding us to further international expansion, with a particular interest in the Group’s Close Protection Services arm, Intelligent Protection International Limited.

George is an experienced Close Protection Licence holder and holds qualifications in Fire, Health & Safety Management and has a wealth of experience in Risk Management & Contingency Planning within a FTSE 100 company.

SIA: 0830018699439065 (British Close Protection Licence)
CNAPS: CAR-099-2022-01-07-20170587924 (French Carte Professionnelle Protection Rapprochée)




George Foster


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Telephone: +44 (0)207 4566740

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Philip J. Carpenter MSc, PG Dip, RoSPA Dip, MCMI - Protection Services Manager (Europe)

Philip joins Intelligent Protection International Limited as part of the expansion of our International Executive Protection Services and in support of our European Clients, with a view to expand and develop new and existing projects.

Having served in the elite Royal Military Police Close Protection Unit (RMP-CPU) within the British Army, Philip entered the commercial sector in 2013, a move that saw him work around the world in both hostile and executive protection roles. Philip’s consultancy work has encompassed policy writing for several clients across different sectors and industries, from the Oil and Gas sector through to international hotels chains.

The last few years has seen Philip in the role of an instructor with a number of international close protection training firms, delivering training in Europe, Africa and the Middle East.

Philip has a Master’s Degree in Crisis and Disaster Management and is a member of the Chartered Management Institute.




Philip J. Carpenter


Contact email:
Telephone: +41 22 5017275 (Genève)
Telephone: +44 207 4566740 (London)

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Michael Fuller, MBE, MBA, MA - Director of Governmental and Commercial Resilience

Michael brings to Intelligent (UK Holdings) Limited group of companies many years of leadership and management experience. His expertise will allow our clients to understand and manage the risks that their organisations face, either day to day for a specific project, or major international event.

Michael left the British Army in 2009 after 21 years of service, having reached the rank of Lieutenant Colonel; Michael served with the Royal Engineers and the UK’s Airborne Forces, deploying on operations to the Middle East, the Balkans, Cyprus and Northern Ireland.

With vast operational command experience gained from his military service, Michael now specialises in the design and implementation of Command, Control and Coordination (C3) solutions. In this role, Michael has been involved in the planning of major international events such as the 2012 London Olympic Games and the 2014 FIFA World Cup in Brazil. Michael also works with a number of foreign Governments on improving C3 functions within the context of security and terrorist threats.

In 2009, Michael was made a Member of the Order of the British Empire (MBE) by Her Majesty, The Queen.

Michael's experience includes:
  1. Supporting ACPO with the design and readiness of the UK’s National Police Coordination Centre
  2. Leading the strategy and concept development for the design of a crisis management centre for the oil and gas sector in Kuwait
  3. Leading the design of the resilience and security architecture for the highly successful 2014 FIFA World Cup in Brazil
  4. Leading the design and readiness of the UK’s National Olympic Coordination Centre between 2009-2012
  5. Successfully designing the programme to remove the military infrastructure from South Armagh, Northern Ireland
Mike Fuller


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Telephone: +44 (0)207 4566740

David Schiette-Catte - Head of French Operations

An experienced French operator with an emphasis towards corporate close protection; David is at home either in the African desert, on the red carpet or in expensive Paris restaurants.

In charge of our Paris and French operations, David is a real asset to the company, working closely with our clients to ensure that all their requirements are met.

A fluent English and French speaker, David also speaks a good working level of Arabic (Maghreb Arabic). David’s great language skills mean that he has often acted as a team leader and translator on close protection tasks in North Africa for our clients.

David is an experienced and qualified close protection officer in both the UK with the SIA and in France with CNAPS.

David's experience includes:
  1. On-going protection task in Mauritania in support of mining operations
  2. Specialist asset protection in Mali
  3. On-going Close Protection in Paris for High Net Worth Individuals
  4. High risk Close Protection in Paris in relation to specific threats
David Schiette-Catte


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Telephone: +44 (0)207 4566740

Lee Wright - Head of Africa Operations

Lee joined Intelligent Protection International Limited in mid-2012, heading up our West Africa operations having just completed 22 years’ service with the British Army.

During his time in the military, Lee served in many countries and regions including the Middle East, Africa, Central America, North America and Central Europe.

Lee is qualified under the British SIA licensing and is also permitted/licensed to carry firearms in a number of African countries. Lee is an expert in not only Close Protection, but the protection of assets and the securing of operations.

Lee's experience includes:
  1. On-going protection task in Mauritania in support of mining operations
  2. Specialist asset protection in Mali
  3. Close Protection in Nigeria





Lee Wright


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Telephone: +44 (0)207 4566740

Virginie Roux - International Director

Virginie started work with Intelligent Protection International Limited in 2008 and was recently made a full partner and Director within the Group. In 2013 Virginie completed an International Marketing Degree (in English and French) and obtained a First Class Honours Degree (French mention of très bien, highest honours).

A qualified tri-lingual assistant, speaking French, English & Spanish, Virginie supports Alex in the management of operations, liaising with International clients where language might otherwise be a barrier.

Virginie is responsible for all marketing activities within Intelligent (UK holdings) Limited Group of companies.





Virginie Roux


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Telephone: +44 (0)207 4566740

Joe Fox - Management trainee

Joe joined Intelligent Protection International Limited in June 2016 as a management trainee, having completed a degree in the Armed Forces at Wolverhampton University, writing his dissertation on “Private security contractors in the 21st century”.

Having served in the Army Reserve since 2012, Joe has deployed on operations in the Falkland Islands and hopes in the future to continue this work.

A keen conservator, Joe has spent time working in the field of anti-poaching, spending time in Malawi protecting elephants and other wild game. During his time in Malawi, Joe and his team made a number of arrests of armed poachers.

Joe’s duties include analysis, collation of information and business development, as well as shadowing of company directors.

Joe Fox


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Telephone: +44 (0)207 4566740

Managers and consultants

Michael Moran - Counter Espionage & TSCM Advisor

Technical Surveillance Counter Measures (TSCM) is an important addition to our Close Protection services, offering that extra level of security. Mike is a former Military Intelligence officer and specialist in electronic counter measures and interception.

Highly experienced in all aspects of counter espionage, Michael advises all our clients on how best to keep communications and intellectual property secure.

Michael is a founder member of the respected British Technical Surveillance Counter Measures Institute

In support of our Close Protection Bodyguard services, Michael has worked Worldwide.

Brett - Close Protection & Protective Surveillance Specialist

Brett is a former covert surveillance operator within the British Special Forces Group, 14 Intelligence Company, where he conducted high risk surveillance in the support of the Police Service Northern Ireland’s Counter Terrorism objectives.

Following 14 years' service within the British Army as a former Senior Non-Commissioned Officer, Brett served with initially the Royal Engineers prior to specialising and passing the arduous Special Forces Selection programme for 14 Intelligence Company.

Brett has a proven track record in project management and operations, quality assessment and control, implementation of training and operating procedures, with a strong operational background Brett has been tested in numerous conflict theatres around the world.

Since leaving the armed forces, Brett has worked on projects for the DFiD reconstruction programme in Afghanistan, and as an Instructor of Close Protection and Surveillance for the esteemed Amiri Guard of Kuwait.

Ray - Close Protection & Protective Surveillance Specialist

Ray is a former member of the British Special Forces, 22 SAS, where he served for the last 5 years of his 15 year military career. With vast experience in operational planning, implementation and training, Ray has seen service worldwide with the SAS and achieved the rank of Senior Non Commissioned Officer; leaving in 2000.

Since leaving the British Army, Ray has worked in consultancy roles for Government Agencies, Royalty, Diplomats, VIP’s, large Corporations and NGO’s in permissive and non-permissive environments globally.

Having operated globally at the very top of his field, Ray is a highly respected manager and operator who is very well known in both the intelligence and Special Forces environment.

Justin Woodcock - Close Protection Specialist

Justin is a seasoned professional close protection operative that has worked with some of the world's top A list celebrities and their families; this included the Beckham family.

Having served for eight years with Britain's elite Parachute Regiment, Justin moved into close protection in 2009 and since then has worked around the world.

Prior to working with celebrities, Justin spent three years working in Iraq/Afghanistan on various Oil and Gas contracts, plus Polling station protection.

Justin speaks French and is a volunteer to the RNLI.