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Intelligent Protection International Limited - Providing over a decade of security and protection for our global clients!

About us

“It's not all about pedigree and breeding; it's often about hours of training and networks!”

Incorporated in England & Wales in 2009 and in France and the Cayman Islands in 2017, Intelligent Protection International Limited provides Close Protection and Specialist Security Services worldwide.

Intelligent Protection International Limited has offices around the globe in support of our clients' needs, and are active members of both the Arab-British Chamber of Commerce and the British Swiss Chamber of Commerce.

  1. Registered in England & Wales 6862831
  2. Registered in France SIRET 828 083 022 00016
  3. CNAPS License AUT-075-2116-05-17-20170601680
  4. Dun & Bradstreet, DUNS® Number: 211590253

With an amalgamation of professional standards, great management and highly experienced personnel, we provide a service to meet our clients’ requirements, whether in a hostile environment or a capital city. Our Close Protection Services are diverse and tailored to our clients’ needs. We understand the balance between business and family life, and the need to fit around the client whilst giving the best protection possible.

Intelligent Protection International Limited is part of Intelligent (UK Holdings) Limited Group of companies. Being part of that Group and being privately owned gives us great strength and international reach, enabling us to offer our clients intelligence-based security solutions in support of protective security.

Intelligent (UK Holdings) Limited consists of:
  1. Intelligent Protection International Limited - UK website
  2. Intelligent Protection International Limited - US website
  3. Intelligent Protection International Limited - FR website
  4. Intelligent Protection International Limited - ES website
  5. International Intelligence Limited - UK website
  6. International Intelligence Limited - FR website
  7. Intelligent Training International Limited - UK website
  8. Intelligent Armour Limited - UK website

Interested in Employment?
Please note that if you are interested in employment with us, that we only use very best operatives. If you think that you have got what it takes, then visit our 'Executive Close Protection Jobs Page': Close Protection jobs

International press coverage and guest speaking:

Our Directors and management have carried out over sixty interviews for international press, TV news and documentaries in relation to Executive Protection, Royalty Protection and security-related issues. For details of our Group press coverage, see: Media Library.

Further to this our Managment and Directors are often called upon to appear as speakers at universities, international congresses, conferences and networking events, this includes lectures by our founder, Alex Bomberg at the Graduate Institute in Geneva and at Facebook in London.

  • Intelligent Protection media interview
  • Intelligent Protection media interview
  • Intelligent Protection media interview
  • Intelligent Protection media interview
  • Intelligent Protection media interview
  • Intelligent Protection media interview

Corporate and Social Responsibility

Intelligent Protection International Limited takes Corporate Responsibility and Social Responsibility very seriously. As an international company, we employ people of many different nationalities, cultures and religions; being diverse is one thing, but giving back is quite another.

The fundamental goal of our Corporate Responsibility is to ensure that as a company and as individuals we have a positive impact on society and we add value to people’s lives, our clients, our employees and everyone we interact with.

We are committed to:

  1. Employing military and police veterans
  2. Paying more than the Living Wage
  3. Equal pay for men and women
  4. Being kind to the environment
  5. Mentoring and giving free advice
  6. Charitable giving (both time and money)

The saying that “Charity should start at home” is correct. We vow to work with charities and community groups in areas where we have offices and areas where we work. Our involvement might range from helping to raise awareness of a specific issue, giving funds or giving our staff time off work to participate in projects.

Whilst we have given tens of thousands of Pounds to charities over the past decade, projects that we have been involved with in the past include the Gorazde Children’s Foundation, GCF Bosnia, a charity set up by Maurice Evlyn-Bufton in memory of the soldiers from 1 RGBW who lost their lives in service of the United Nations in Bosnia. For more information, see: Gorazde Children’s Foundation.

We have also been involved with donations to military and police charities including the Royal British Legion, Help for Heroes and the Soldiers of Gloucestershire Museum. We are also keen supporters of the Police Firearms Officers Association (PFOA), an association that supports Firearms Officers and their families. For more information on the work of the PFOA, please see their website: Police Firearms Officers Association.

Pay It Forward - Doing the right thing!

If you have not heard of "Pay It Forward" or the Pay It Forward movement, it is about helping others, small acts of kindness to people or the planet. For more information see: Pay It Forward Foundation.

Our people - our assets

We believe that we are only as good as our people and with that in mind we ensure that we invest into our people and that they are all treated with respect.

Finding the right people around the world to represent our brand is not always easy and is part of the business that we put a lot of effort and resources into. When we find good staff, we want to keep them!

Our staff can benefit from:

  1. Fair employment contacts
  2. Corporate pension scheme
  3. Dental and health care scheme
  4. Free travel insurance
  5. Mentoring and peer reviews
  6. Free training
  7. Educational support

If you would like to know more about our Corporate Responsibility policies or are a charity or community group that would like our support, please contact us via info@intelligent-protection.co.uk.

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