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Royal Protection Services

“Intelligence-led International Close Protection Services for members of Royal families”

An International Royalty Protection Service

Intelligent Protection International Limited has vast experience at working with Royal families from around the World, providing the highest possible level of Royalty Protection. Our experiences range from full-time contracts providing a full Protection Team to providing specialist one off Royalty Protection packages for events, vacations, and Royal honeymoons.

Our knowledge of Royal Protocol, cultural etiquette and experience of working with Royal families and their Family Offices, coupled with experienced and dynamic Royalty Protection Officers, allows us to provide a reactive service. This service includes liaison internationally at local Police or Diplomatic level, to ensure that the highest possible level of personal security is obtained and maintained throughout.

To aid clients we have written an article on Royalty Protection, how we see it as a company and how the service works with aditional support elements. See: Royal Bodyguards.

A unique level of security service, tailored to each Royal Client, their position, their culture and their location. Our Royalty Protection service can include:

  1. In-depth Physical and Technical Security Reviews of Homes
  2. Male & Female Royal Bodyguards
  3. Residential Security & Estate Security
  4. Technical Security & CCTV

Protection, Privacy and Confidentiality
We know how much our clients value their personal privacy and of course confidentiality. Intelligent Protection International Limited has a unique approach that it adopts to ensure protection against eavesdropping or invasions of privacy by the press or other interested parties. These measures can include Counter-Surveillance and Technical Surveillance Countermeasures (TSCM) Sweeps and Social Media monitoring.

Being part of a Group of companies, enables us to offer Intelligence Services in support of Royalty Protection. These services, such as intelligence and live threat monitoring are provided by our sister company International Intelligence Limited and go that step further to enhance the overall security blanket.

Our Royal Protection Officers

Having the right fit between a member of a Royal family and their Bodyguard is highly important, and as with all of our clients, we hand-pick the very best Royal Protection Officers from around the World. Many have served with British Police units, such as SO14 Royal Protection and SO16 Diplomatic Protection Group (DPG). We also employ former Military Protection Specialists from units, such as the Royal Military Police (RMP) and Special Air Service (SAS).

There are various skill sets we seek, as well as having the right temperament for suited to being a Royal Bodyguard. Skills range from language skills and medical training, through to secondary skills like experienced skiers and of course defensive driving skills.

Many of our Royal Bodyguards are educated to degree level, with vast experience in Security and Risk Management. All have experience at working within Royal households and understand Royal Protocol.

International Recognition
Our Group CEO, Alex Bomberg, is a former Aide to members of the British Royal Family, he has experience in managing Royalty Protection and has also been an Expert Witness in a Court Case surrounding Royalty Protection, since founding Intelligent Protection International Limited.

Alex has been regularly called upon for expert commentary by TV News and News Papers from around the World. This coverage includes Sky, BBC and Channel 4 News in the UK, CNN, CBS and CTV in North America and Rede TV News in South America. Alex has been interviewed by many of the worlds leading broadsheets, including the Washington Times (USA), the Telegraph (UK), the Independent (UK), Bild (Germany), the South China Morning Post (Hong Kong), Business Insider (International) and the International Business Times (International). For further information on our interviews in the Press, see: Media Library.

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