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Celebrity Stalking Cases

Celebrity Stalking Cases

19 February 2018 | Intelligent and Security

Celebrity stalking cases are very often far more publicised than the most severe cases of stalking we sometimes see in the press. Here Alex Bomberg looks a five examples of celebrity stalking and what impact security or the lack of it might have played in the outcomes.

reasonable use of force

Use of Force as a Bodyguard

13 February 2018 | Close Protection

If you use force as a Bodyguard, have you failed? Sat Rayit looks at reasonable use of force for Bodyguards and discusses in detail the decision-making process based on the ‘National Decision-Making Model’. Can you justify your actions in court?

The Bodyguard Film – fact from fiction

The Bodyguard Film – fact from fiction

7 February 2018 | Close Protection

Discuss the Close Protection industry and people start thinking 'The Bodyguard'... Alex Bomberg takes a look at the iconic 1990's film, 'The Bodyguard' and seperates fact from fiction, dissecting the films three major storylines.

A Guide to Etiquette for Bodyguards

‘Adab’ - A Guide to Etiquette for Bodyguards

1 February 2018 | Close Protection

In this article, Alex Bomberg looks at ‘Adab’, prescribed Islamic etiquette, how that fits well with Executive Protection, how it may be applied and simple tips on etiquette for Bodyguards.

How to become a Bodyguard

How to become a Bodyguard

26 January 2018 | Close Protection

How do you become a Bodyguard in the UK? Virginie Roux discusses all you need to know, from SIA certified courses through to fitness, additional skills and etiquette; as well as CV's & networking.

Hiring a Bodyguard in France

Hiring a Bodyguard in France

18 January 2018 | Close Protection

Virginie Roux writes about hiring a Bodyguard in France, what you need to know and more importantly what you legal obligations are under French laws.

A Guide to Rapid Triage for the Lay Person

A Guide to Rapid Triage for the Lay Person

15 January 2018 | Intelligence and Security

A major incident such as a terrorist could happen at any time and you may find yourself as a First Responder. In this blog article Adam Gent talks about Rapid Triage for the Lay Person.

Armed Security Services in France

Armed Security Services in France

2 January 2018 | Close Protection

Article by Virginie Roux on the new laws in France relating to the use of firearms for Executive Protection and how this law is applied by CNAPS certified firms in France.

contact the SIA

SIA Phone Number and Contact Details

2 January 2018 | Close Protection

Article by Virginie Roux on how best to make contact with the Security Industry Authority via your online account or telephone and on how to keep an eye on the progress of the application for your SIA license.

Protecting stars and billionaires

Royal Bodyguards

30 December 2017 | Close Protection

Intelligent Protection International Limited has been providing Royalty Protection for a number of years. What does Royalty Protection involve and how does it differ from Executive Protection?

Protecting stars and billionaires

3 Celebrity Bodyguards explain what it takes to protect Stars and Billionaires

27 August 2017 | Close Protection

An interview with Intelligent Protection International Limited team members and CEO on protecting Royal families, UHNWI's and Clients around the globe.

Intelligent Protection Interational opens new Paris Offices

Intelligent Protection International Opens New Paris Offices

20 May 2017 | Close Protection

George Foster, Group Managing Director discusses our new office in Paris, being the only UK firm with CNAPS certification for Close Protection Services and the future of armed bodyguards in France.

bodyguards for china

Executive Protection Across Asia

23 April 2017 | Close Protection

Working across Asia as an Executive Bodyguard is not at times easy, here Sat Rayit, Intelligent Protection International Limited's Protective Services Manager (Asia) talks about some of the operational concerns.

Travel Risk Reports

Travel Risk Reports

23 April 2017 | Travel Risk

In an age where we can just hope on a flight and travel carefree, what precautions can we take to ensure that if things go wrong we can "self help".
Emergency contact information when we travel is one basic step any traveller can take...

Kim Kardashian robbery in Paris

BBC Radio 4 Interview on the Kim Kardashian Robbery in Paris

10 October 2016 | Close Protection

BBC Radio 4 interview with Alex Bomberg, Group CEO in relation to the Kim Kardashian robbery in Paris and the Close Protection failings.
Did Social Media usage play a big part in robbery? Was security adequate for a person of such wealth?

Operational Psychology - Social Engineering

Operational Psychology - Social Engineering

February 2016 | Intelligence and Security

Operational Psychology and Social Engineering are all around us, from influence operations carried out but Super Powers, through to your everyday interactions on Social Media.
This article looks at Social Engineering in espionage, giving examples of how targets are chosen based on MICE!

How to hire a Bodyguard

How to Hire a Bodyguard

January 2015 | Close Protection

Hiring a Bodyguard can be a daunting task if you have never done it before. Even if you have hired private security many times, it can still be full of pit falls.
Our guide on "How to hire a Bodyguard" discussed the different types of Close Protection, what questions to ask and what to expect.

TSCM Sweep guide

TSCM Sweep Guide

December 2014 | Intelligence and Security

TSCM Sweeps are carried out to discover if an area is being monitored by covert listening devices.
An in depth guide on how to commission a TSCM Sweep, what questions to ask and a little bit of information on what equipment is used and how a TSCM Sweep is conducted.

Social Media, your ego and security

Social Media, your ego and security…

December 2016 | Intelligence and Security

In the wake of the Kim Kardashian robbery in Paris, France, Group CEO Alex Bomber discusses the need to control and monitor social media use.
A very useful article for both security professionals and managers alike, given that few companies operate a Social Media Policy.

Defensive Driver Training Courses

September 2012 | Intelligence and Security

Defensive Driving is an important skill for any security professional. Intelligent Training International Limited Defensive Driver Training Courses are available worldwide with the very best in Police and Special Forces instruction.

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