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Estate Security Services

“The size and rural nature of country estates often means they can be difficult to protect”

Country estate security services

securing country estatesMany of our clients own large estates, some featuring historic vinyards, working stud or cattle farms and many with public right of way across their land.

Estate security requires a full understanding of the working of the estate and a true understanding of rural crime, listed buildings and knowledge of the likes of public right of way, and often, how to work with local police or planning officials to best mitigate security concerns.

Providing security measures on such estates can be a challenge and some clients have been sold the concept of relying on technical security alone as an answer to their security woes. However, what is needed is a risk-led, layered approach of both technical and physical security mitigating risks to as low as reasonably possible.

Risk-led security

From the outset, we need to understand the threats to your estate such as opportunist theft or organised crime and of course the assets that need protecting and what baseline security measures are already in place, i.e, a Security Risk Assessment. With this information, we can assess priorities using probability and impact of an event taking place, and build security solutions around these risks, producing a layered approach.

This approach uses a balance between technical security to deter, detect and to gain evidence, and a physical on-site security response. The size, and often remote location of country estates, means that security also needs to have a physical, reactive element; there is little point having world-class CCTV if the security or police response time is in the tens of minutes, as the crime will have taken place before help arrives. Early detection and fast response are the key to great security on any site and especially on larger sites such as country estates.

Our Estate security services

After an initial risk analysis, we produce security solutions to our clients that protect the key assets on the estate, also taking into account the duty of care that the client has to any staff and visitors to the estate.

Our aim is to provide our clients with workable, cost-effective security solutions that add value to the daily working of the estate. Great security should always add value and not be a hindrance, and this is achieved with not only technical and physical security solutions, but also with security awareness training (including new security policies and procedures), first aid for all estate staff, plus incident management training for key staff if and where applicable.

Our management have a great knowledge of rural affairs, of Parish and District Council planning and putting security-related applications before these bodies. We are very aware that listed building status or being in an ‘area of outstanding natural beauty’ (AONB) can have a massive effect on planning applications, especially those that affect security such as fencing or CCTV.

security for large estatesOur country estate security services can include:

  1. Security Risk Assessments
  2. CCTV & Control Room
  3. Static Security Guards
  4. Mobile Patrols
  5. Security Patrol Dogs
  6. Panic Buttons
  7. Ground Sensors & Intruder Detection Systems
  8. Specialist Fencing
  9. Access Control
  10. Police Response

This holistic approach ensures that all staff on the estate know how to report security concerns and that security is always an agenda item at estate meetings.

We provide these Estate Security Services worldwide for our clients and of course can provide the very best security services and advice regardless of location. So, if you have a concern regarding your Estate and wish to discuss our Estate Security services, please contact us now to discuss your personal requirements.

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