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Security for AGMs

“Ensuring the safety of shareholders and guests at your AGM”

Intelligent Protection Event Security Security for AGMs

Why have security at an AGM?

security threats to annual general meetingsIntelligent Protection International Limited has carried out AGM security for the past decade for firms from around the world, we understand that reputation is everything.

Your company’s Annual General Meeting is your company showcasing its annual report to shareholders. Professional and helpful security staff can help set the scene and ensures that the AGM goes well and without incident.

In recent years, we have seen more and more incidents of organised protesters targeting corporate and private events in order to make a statement and to gain publicity for their cause. Activism has progressed over recent years and the tactics often deployed are troublesome.

Tactics have included spraying substances, throwing paint, rushing speakers on the stage and generally, being disruptive. Protesters want easy targets and they want to be heard. What they don’t want is to encounter professional security teams!

Having great security at your AGM will combat this in a number of ways, firstly protesters are a lot less likely to obtain access if there is intelligence in place and robust yet measured security in attendance.

Secondly, if you are planning to disrupt an AGM and encounter professional security and know that you are a lot less likely to succeed in disrupting proceedings, you are less likely to make an attempt to do so.

Overall, our job is all about safety and the comfort of your guests and shareholders.

Our AGM Security services

We only employ former military and police operatives and we believe that we can provide the very best to our clients and enhance their events through well-trained and well-briefed operatives. Besides, we are able to offer our clients multilingual security operatives who will further enhance safety at your event.

Further to this, we are able to offer our clients multilingual security operatives who will further enhance safety at your event.

securing your annual general meetingOur AGM Security services can include a combination of:

  1. Risk assessing and Emergency planning
  2. Male and female former military and police operatives
  3. Qualified search teams
  4. Search arches and search wands
  5. Explosive Detection Search Dogs
  6. Threat monitoring intelligence
  7. TSCM Sweeps

We are well-versed at working with clients from the early planning stage and in providing Risk Assessments for venues as well as Evacuation Plans and Major Incident Management Plans.

Some but not all AGMs may require a Search Policy to be put in place. We are happy to work with our clients in producing a policy that is suitable for the event and attendees.

Intelligent Protection International Limited can also supply search equipment and specialist search dog teams, as required.

If you are interested in discussing with us your requirements or wish to know more about our AGM security services, please do get in touch with us via our London office - Tel: +44 207 4566740, our office in Paris - Tel: +33 1 82 888340, our Geneva office - Tel: +41 22 5017275 or via email

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