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Why use Security at your Wedding?

Security of your wedding is important due to the duty of care you may have towards others, and sadly, we live in an age of intrusion where social etiquette is lacking, an age where guests don't know how to behave themselves and where celebrity means public ownership to some.

It is not ideal, having to have security at your wedding. If not performed professionally, it will of course add to the intrusion and then it all becomes a bit of a circus and memorable for all the wrong reasons. If you are going to have security officers at your wedding, it is vital that you find a service provider that you are comfortable with, one that can provide you with a personal level of service.

The top five security concerns at weddings?Security for weddings

  1. 1. Unwanted guests - Someone "gatecrashing" your wedding party is more than likely going to be the flashpoint of trouble.
  2. 2. Violence - With alcohol sadly comes lack of decorum, shortly followed by poor decision making.
  3. 3. Theft - Not great to think about this one, but theft is quite high on the list of concerns.
  4. 4. Health and Safety - All professional security staff are trained in first aid, some in pediatric first aid.
  5. 5. Invasion of privacy - Some newspapers and magazines will go to a lot of effort to get a photo, including using drones.

The Safety of Guests at your Wedding

It is highly important to ensure that all guests enjoy themselves and that the event is safe. There is a legal duty of care to ensure that this is the case, and this is an area often overlooked. Safety needs to be an integral part of any large events and whilst you may not be thinking about it, for sure it's towards the top of the list of any Wedding Planners.

We can work with Venue Management and your Wedding Planners to ensure that your wedding is safe and carefree. Weddings obviously have a different dynamic than other large events, weddings are family affairs that often involve children running around and adults drinking copious amounts of alcohol.

Our Wedding Security Services

Intelligent Protection International Limited provides a Wedding Security Management service that is designed to be low profile and carried out with total discretion. We do not want to be what guests remember about your wedding. Our services need to be integrated in to the planning at the earliest possible stage. Our management are used to working closely with Event and Wedding Planners to ensure the smooth running of your wedding and the security of your guests.

It is best to instruct us as early as possible in the planning, so that we can undertake venue visits with your Wedding Planner and discuss with them any health and safety issues, such as swimming pools or helicopter landing pads etc., as well as any requirement for Major Incident Management Planning in conjunction with the venue.

Security for Society and Celebrity Weddings

Society and celebrity weddings can attract undesirable sections of the press who will take great effort to obtain photographs. Stalkers and obsessive fans are also a security concern.

Our wedding security services for celebrities go as far as managing the perimeter and the deployment of anti-drone technology. In support of this, we are able to deploy canine units and handlers in either the guarding or search role, depending on exact requirements.

Intelligent Protection International Limited has over ten years' experience in providing Close Protection services to VIPs, Ultra-High-Net-Worth-Individuals and celebrities around the globe; we are well versed to the threats our clients face.

If you are a wedding planner or family office professional and wish to discuss these services with us, please do get in touch.

Security for Honeymoons

Intelligent Protection International Limited provides a very bespoke security service for clients who embark on their Honeymoons.

We understand just how special and precious a honeymoon is and we work to ensure the safety and security of the wedding party throughout.

Our experience in providing security for honeymoons has included us providing these services for Royal clients who have travelled around the globe.

Security Services for overseas weddings

We do cater for client who have overseas weddings. Intelligent Protection International Limited has been operating around the globe since 2009 and has a number of offices across Europe, the Far East to support our clients' personal or business lives.

For overseas wedding, our security staff can act as a point of contact for the wedding party, keeping in mind that many guests will be unfamiliar with the venue and maybe country. Further to this, there may be a language barrier or cultural awareness issues.

If you are still not convinced that you need security at your wedding, please take a look at our blog article that covers the subject in further detail: Should you hire security for your Wedding?.

What about female operatives?

We have a good number of female operatives on our books, both ex-Police and ex-Military, all qualified and with vast experience.

In fact, in many situations with event security, female operatives outshine their male counterparts.

Are our staff vetted?

Yes, all staff and operatives are fully vetted under UK Law Disclosure and Barring Service (DBS) checks, and as part of the compulsory Security Industry Authority (SIA) licensing.

Over and above this, we also work to BS 7858: 2012, screen all staff and check work history and references.

What about medical cover?

All of our operatives are qualified to a minimum of FPOSi, a British qualification. They would also have received training during their Military Service, many to a very high standard.

All of our operatives carry first aid or trauma packs as standard, with larger packs in our vehicles.

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