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Executive Close Protection Jobs & tasks

Unlike other companies offering close protection and executive protection, Intelligent Protection International Limited can afford to be very selective as to who it employs and what Close Protection Officers it places on tasks.

Very often we have tasks where bilingual operatives are required. Recent examples of this are a requirement for English & French speaking operatives for a task in Paris; and French & Arabic speaking tasks in North Africa.

Intelligent Protection International Limited regularly has openings for close protection or executive protection jobs & tasks across the world. Any live openings will be advertised on this page & via our Facebook page: Intelligent Protection on Facebook

Intelligent Protection likes to think that it goes a little further in selecting its personnel, from bilingual operatives, to those with more specialist skills. We are interested in employing only the very best.

If you would like to work as a bodyguard but don't know what hoops to jump through, we would suggest reading our article on how to become a bodyguard, which provides full details about training and legal requirements.

Security & Protection jobs

Changing the way we employ our Executive Protection Officers

For many years, as Intelligent Protection International Limited has grown, we have often found ourselves as having to be reactive rather than proactive – a problem that many fast-growing businesses face, complicated by the fact that we are an international firm operating 24/7.

We have found it very hard to match skills, certifications, and qualifications with exacting clients' requirements, making work for ourselves and finding that we are having to reach out multiple times each year to the same group of operatives.

Great bodyguard jobs are not easy to come by and each time we post a new national or international task we get can in some cases get hundreds of CVs and while this gives us a better chance of skill matching, it often leads to delays.

So, what have we done to change?

Why not pop over to our how to apply for a security job with us page to find out.

Applying for a job & your personal data

We take how we handle your personal information (data) very seriously and we are fully compliant with the EU General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR). You will be requested to confirm that you give Intelligent Protection International Limited permission to use your personal data in relation to your application to work with us, including to be informed of new open positions. For information on our GDPR and data protection policy, see: Privacy Policy.

If you wish to opt out of receiving anything from us in the future, you can login to your file and remove your application, further to this, you can email us via to ask us to remove all data relating to yourself. Once this is done, we will send you confirmation that this has indeed been done.

If you have worked for Intelligent Protection International Limited, by law we must keep data relating to your employment for a period of six years.

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