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23 April 2017 | Travel Security

2015 saw Intelligent Protection International Limited form its own intelligence cell in support of international close protection operations. This move led to the creation of the free Travel Advice Reports, or Country Risk Advisories as they might also be described. These were not aimed at season security professionals, but aimed at the casual traveller.

From the start the brief was to provide simple risk information along-side useful emergency contact information to enable the user to be armed with the right information, should their travel plans be interrupted by either a security incident or some other emergency, including medical emergencies.

Intelligent Protection International Limited Country Travel Reports includes:

  1. Risk overview
  2. Emergency contact details
  3. Consular and Embassy details
  4. Medical and vaccination details
  5. Live interactive mapping
  6. Live security and terror-related news feed

Prior to launching the Travel Advice Reports, a great deal of research was carried out to best identify the parameters of the reports, based on traveller’s experiences in emergency situations. What came out of this research was that most international travellers have no emergency contact information with them when they travel and hat most do not carry out any research on the location prior to travel.

Having the telephone number for the local emergency services or your Embassy or consulate is the first things that a traveller would need in the case of an emergency. Having these at hand saves valuable time, when time can be a precious commodity; in emergency situations.

If you would like more information see: Travel Advice Reports
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