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International Close Protection

“Our Close Protection Services utilise former British Intelligence Officers, in support of highly skilled former UK Special Forces personnel”

What is Close Protection?

Close Protection OfficersClose Protection is a security service aimed at primarily the protection of an individual or group for known or unknown threats. Close Protection is a service that is carried out by trained and certified operatives colloquially known as 'bodyguards'. Examples of well-known people who have bodyguards include the Queen of England and the President of the United States of America. It is not uncommon for Hollywood stars, Music artists or Ultra-High-Net-Worth-Individuals to have Close Protection bodyguards.

The skills that a professional bodyguard should possess include advance driving, first aid and a broad knowledge of security-related issues and threats, additionally he or she may have training in firearms and be licensed to carry firearms as part of their Close Protection duties.

International Close Protection Services

Intelligent Protection International Limited offers Close Protection Services to aid our clients, whatever the personal level of risk, kidnap & ransom or terror threat; our Close Protection Service is tailored to suit your requirements.

Close Protection Services

Our clients range from Governments, foreign Royal Families and Fortune 500 companies to private individuals. Every client is different, every close protection task is different, language and lifestyle considerations are of course always taken into account. Female bodyguards can be supplied to suit any family needs and/or situations where children are involved. For Royalty Protection, see: Royalty Protection Services.

Close Protection has evolved over the last decade, into what is now a more refined service; Bodyguards now have internationally-recognised qualifications and a standard level of overall training. Intelligent Protection International Limited has added military operation and management skills services to enhance those Bodyguard services.

Intelligent Protection International Limited has deployed both single operatives and Close Protection Teams across the world in support of our clients' requirements.

Close Protection Officers at workOur Close Protection Services can be supplemented and supported by:

  1. Technical Surveillance Countermeasures (TSCM)
  2. Counter Surveillance
  3. Protective Surveillance
  4. Security Trained Drivers
  5. Intelligence Gathering
  6. Personal Medical Officers

Bodyguard Services

Most of our Close Protection Bodyguard Operatives are former members of British Army, Police or Intelligence Services. In line with UK regulations, all of our Close Protection Bodyguards deployed within the UK, are qualified and hold SIA licenses.

How to Hire a Bodyguard
We understand that not everyone has experience in hiring a Bodyguard and that you might not know where to start or what questions need asking. Our "How to Hire a Bodyguard" guide may prove very helpful in your decision-making. Further to this, we also have a great article on "How much does a Bodyguard cost?", discussing what affects the cost of hiring a Bodyguard or team of Bodyguards.

International Work
Our approach to international work is that all our operatives are at the very least bilingual and very often, trilingual. We are one of the only private security companies who specializes in operatives that are multilingual.

Travel Advisories
In late 2015, we invested heavily in our own Internal Intelligence Team, providing up-to-date "Travel Advice" and risk reports that aid clients when travelling internationally. The reports aid decision-making, provide an at-a-glance analysis and more importantly, offer emergency contact details, a live security and terror-related news feed and live-interactive mapping. For more information, see: Travel Advice

Advanced Close Protection

Due to the level of threat or area of operations, sometimes clients require a higher level of protection. Our network is such, that we can supply former members of British Special Forces (SAS/SBS) or former Police Officers from Diplomatic (SO6) and Royalty Protection (SO14).

Can we supply female operatives?

Yes, Intelligent Protection has a vast network of Female bodyguards from around the world. Often clients with young families like to have the peace of mind that a gentle, more covert approach is being taken to their children's security. This is a role that lends itself well to female operatives as described in our article: The Surge of Female Bodyguards.

Do you supply vehicles?

Yes, in support of our Close Protection services we have a number of partners that we work with. It's not just about supplying vehicles, it's more about the right vehicle and driver for the task at hand.

Please contact us to discuss your requirements.

Can you cater for ski holidays?

Yes, some of our former military operatives are also British and French qualified Ski Instructors. One or two have also represented Great Britain for winter sports!

Please contact us to discuss your requirements.

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