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Female Bodyguard Services

“Female Bodyguards can fit where male counterparts are counterproductive”

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Elite female bodyguardsIntelligent Protection International Limited offers Female Bodyguard services for families and female clients across the world.

Although male Bodyguards currently dominate the Close Protection industry, from time to time, having a male presence in your home to protect you and your family may not be a suitable solution, as it could be too intimidating for your children or obstructive in a woman’s life.

We have worked for a number of Middle Eastern Royal families worldwide throughout the years and provided female clients with Women Bodyguards to conform with their religion and propriety rules, as in such case male Bodyguards are not an appropriate choice.

Female bodyguards are a more covert option as they can mix in the principal’s circle and pass themselves off as a friend or nanny of the children. They will therefore draw less attention to the principal or their family and leave opportunists or criminals off guard, giving them advance notice to react.

Female Bodyguards can be specifically ideal for:

  1. Low-key, covert protection
  2. To accompany children
  3. For Middle Eastern Female Royalty

Female Bodyguard Services

Our Women Bodyguards are highly experienced and respected operatives in the industry with military or police background; some having operated in hostile environment whilst they served in the army. They maintain a very strong level of fitness, training twice as hard as their male counterparts, so they are physically fit to respond in the event of an attack, although their softer skills will help resolve a conflict before it worsen.

A lot of our Female Bodyguards have worked for very high-profile clients including celebrities, princesses and high-net-worth individuals.

Combining elegance and strength, they offer the right security solution for family life or ladies who require a more feminine approach to security whilst maintaining an adequate level of personal protection.

We specialise in providing bilingual Female Bodyguards for your travel to limit language barrier and ease your visit abroad. Not only do our female operatives speak the language of the country you visit fluently but their local knowledge and cultural understanding make a real difference for your safety when travelling.

Female Bodyguards have been in the press a great deal over the past few years and we have contributed to and featured in some of those articles. There is an increasing demand from clients for women bodyguards as described in our own article, the Surge of Female Bodyguards, which gives a lot more insight for wanting to hire a Female Bodyguard for your protection.

Should you be interested hiring our Female Bodyguards, please contact either our London office on +44 207 4566740, our office in Paris +33 1 82 888340 or in Geneva: +41 22 5017275, or email us: info@intelligent-protection.co.uk.

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