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Bodyguard Services in Cyprus

“We provide personal Security Solutions and confidence for visitors to Cyprus”

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Security and Bodyguard Services for Cyprus

Cyprus bodyguardsThe Island of Cyprus has a complex history and is in effect two separate countries, Northern Cyprus and Southern Cyprus. Intelligent Protection International Limited has vast experience in providing Bodyguard services in Cyprus.

Northern Cyprus is administered by Turkey and Southern Cyprus by Greece.

The fact that Cyprus is split into two, and all the problems that comes with that, does present security issues. The situation between the two countries Northern Cyprus and Southern Cyprus can become inflamed. We provide our clients with a travel risk brief that is based on our own Travel Advisories for Cyprus. The latest travel advice can be found on our pages: Travel Advice for Southern Cyprus and Travel Advice for Northern Cyprus.

There is a threat of terrorism in Cyprus, both North and South. There is also organised petty crime that targets tourists in both the North and the South.

Our Bodyguard services in Cyprus cover the whole Island including the cities of Nicosia, Limassol, Strovolos, Larnaca, Famagusta, Lakatamia, Kyrenia, Paphos, Kato Polemidhia and Aglandjia.

English is widely spoken across the whole of Cyprus with Greek and Turkish being spoken in the South and North respectively. If you have a specific language requirement, please inform us and we will be happy to assist in providing you with a multilingual bodyguard.

Our Bodyguard services in Cyprus are provided by former members of the British Military who have vast experience of working on the Island. All of our Bodyguards in Cyprus are trained and vetted to British standards, all are also trained and qualified in first aid.

We provide both male and female bodyguards and prefer to work in a low-key, covert manner. This lends itself well to locations like Cyprus and is less intrusive to our clients.

Whatever your reason for travelling to Cyprus, business or leisure, we are happy to assist in providing you with the best possible security solutions to ensure your safety.

Hire Bodyguards in CyprusIn support of our clients, we are also able to provide the following services in Cyprus:

  1. Close Protection Bodyguards
  2. Chauffeur Services
  3. Residential and Villa Security
  4. Yacht Security
  5. Technical Security and Tracking

Whilst the roads are very good, the overall standard of driving across Cyprus is not the best and there is a high proportion of drink drivers in summer months. We do advise clients to make use of our Chauffeur services to mitigate the issue and to ensure smooth transportation.

If you have never travelled to Cyprus before, there is much to do besides enjoying the sun. Cyprus is famed for its seafood and for its history. Paphos became a UNESCO World Heritage Site in 1980 and is the site of ruins from the Greco-Roman period.

Whatever your reason for visiting Cyprus, business or pleasure, if you are interested in instructing us to protect you and your family, please contact us via our main European offices: our London office Tel: +44 207 4566740, our office in Paris Tel: +33 1 82 888340 or our Geneva office Tel: +41 22 5017275, or alternatively contact us by email

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