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Bodyguard Services in Dubai

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Security and Bodyguard Services for Dubai

bodyguards DubaiThe past 20 years has seen Dubai transform dramatically to become the number one destination in the Middle East for vacations and also as a business hub. Intelligent Protection International Limited has for the past decade provided clients with Security and Bodyguard services in Dubai.

We have catered for clients visiting Dubai for varied reasons, including business meetings, conferences, filming, celebrity public appearances and informal Royal visits.

Dubai is a safe country with a low crime rate. Crimes against tourists are rare, although not unheard of. There is a low-level risk of terrorism in Dubai although ISIS, al-Qaida and Houthis rebel groups operating in Yemen all pose a risk to both infrastructure and Western targets, including of course tourists.

Intelligent Protection International Limited provides all its clients with Risk reports specifically related to the city or country where they are planning to travel to. For security and risk information relating to Dubai, please see our webpage: Travel Advice for the UAE.

Our Bodyguard services in Dubai are carried out in a low-key manner, there is no operational requirement to provide overt close protection, as this firstly attracts unwanted attention to the client, and secondly, because to do so would be disrespectful, as there is no real risk. Understated professionalism is better than disrespecting the host nation!

We are able to cater for groups of all different sizes, from single business professionals, through to family-size groups and corporate conferences. We are able to deploy both male and female Bodyguards to support our clients' requirements, often adding a mixed-sex protection group adds to the value of the protection we provide in locations such as Dubai due to cultural reasons.

In support of our Security and Bodyguard services in Dubai, we are able to offer our clients with the following:

  1. Close Protection Bodyguards
  2. Chauffeur Services
  3. Residential and Villa Security
  4. Technical Security and Tracking
  5. Technical Surveillance Countermeasures

Cultural advice for visiting Islamic countries

If you have never visited an Islamic country before, you may have some unanswered questions about the culture, what you can wear and general dos and don'ts. Intelligent Protection International Limited is highly experienced at working in Islamic countries and has done so for the past decade. We have written a guide that will help you understand what is culturally acceptable and hope you find it useful. See our page: Guide to Islamic culture for travellers.

All of our Bodyguards in Dubai are trained and vetted to British standards, and all qualified in first aid. Whilst English is widely spoken in Dubai, if you have a specific language requirement such as Russian or French, please let us know and we will provide you with a multilingual Bodyguard.

Dubai has state of the art medical facilities, so there is no medical concern within the city, however if you are considering travelling into the desert for extended periods, we would recommend a dedicated team medic. Intelligent Protection International Limited can provide clients will medical support up to and including private doctors and medical support staff. Please discuss this with us if there is a specific concern.

Dubai BodyguardsIf you have not travelled to Dubai before, the country has amazing shopping experiences and really does have something for everyone, from indoor ice-skating and skiing, to sailing, skydiving and of course beaches.

Dubai 2020 World Expo

Dubai is hosting the World Expo in 2020, with many countries from around the globe showcasing their innovations. The last World Expo was held in 2015 in Milan in Italy. Dubai 2020 World Expo is expected to show off some amazing architecture as well as of course lots of innovation.

If you are involved in Dubai 2020 and you wish to discuss security concerns, please contact us and our team will be happy to assist.

Whatever your reason for visiting Dubai, business or pleasure, if you are interested in instructing us to protect you and your family, please contact us via our London office - Tel: +44 207 4566740, our office in Paris - Tel: +33 1 82 888340, our Geneva office - Tel: +41 22 5017275 or via email

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