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Bodyguard Services in Hong Kong

“We provide personal Security Solutions and confidence for visitors to Hong Kong”

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Security and Bodyguard Services for Hong Kong

Hong Kong bodyguardsIntelligent Protection International Limited provides Bodyguard Services in Hong Kong predominately for Business Travellers visiting the City. Hong Kong is an extremely busy city which until recently was viewed as being politically stable and relatively trouble free and safe.

Crime levels in Hong Kong are normally slightly lower that you might expect of a modern major city. Early in 2019, police reported that crime was at a 48-year low, but that social media-based scams had almost doubled in for 2018.

Summer 2019 has seen a number of large protests in Hong Kong with many of these resulting in violent clashes between protesters and police. There has also been major disruption to the transport network and to the airports, causing flight to be cancelled and or delayed.

These disruptions have led many international business visitors to either cancelling their trips to Hong Kong or using Bodyguard Services in Hong Kong to ensure safety during their stay in the city.

An integral part of our Bodyguard Service in Hong Kong is that we provide our client up-to-date risk reports that is supplemented by our own Travel Advisory for Hong Kong.

All of our Bodyguard Services in Hong Kong are provided by European trained exPats or teams flown into the country from Europe, all of whom are trained to very high standards and speak fluent English, with some being multilingual – if you have any specific language requirements, please let us know.

We do utilise local expertise and knowledge and have good relations with Chauffeurs in Hong Kong. Our Bodyguard Services in Hong Kong are suitable for clients staying for only a few days or for longer periods. In support of our clients visiting Hong Kong or residing in the city, we can supply a number of security services, including:

  1. Close Protection Bodyguards
  2. Chauffeur Services
  3. Security Awareness Training
  4. Technical Security
  5. Technical Surveillance Countermeasures

Private Security in Hong KongThe culture in Hong Kong is like nowhere else, often described as a mixture of Cantonese-ness and British-ness - Hongkongers as recent history is telling us like to be seen as having their own unique identity.

Hong Kong has 18 districts and although it is extremely busy, the road and public transportation network is very good. Our services cover in Hong Kong, cover Hong Kong, Yuen Long Kau Hui, Tung Chung, Sha Tin and Tuen Mun.

Our experienced team are happy to assist in planning your itinerary in Hong Kong or if you are venturing further afield. If you have never been to Hong Kong before, there are a number of fantastic places to visit including Victoria Peak, Tian Tian Buddha and Buddhist Temple, the Ten Thousand Buddhas Monastery, Tai O Fishing Village and Wong Tai Sin Temple. Hong Kong has great bars and night life and of course fantastic street food and restaurants.

Should you be interested in instructing our Bodyguard Services in Hong Kong, please contact either our London office on +44 207 4566740, via our regional field office in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia +60 32772 7346 or via email

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