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Bodyguard Services in Indonesia

“A personal Bodyguard and Security service for those visiting or living in Indonesia”

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Security and Bodyguard Services for Indonesia

Bodyguard Services in JakartaWhile on-the-ground situations are of course extremely dynamic, providing Bodyguard Services in Indonesia requires a very organised approach. The 2002 terror attack in Indonesia that killed 202 persons is still on the minds of many travelling to the country for both business and pleasure. Whilst the odds of being caught up in a terrorism incident remain low, there does remain a threat of terrorism in the country; crime is also a concern forcing many international travellers to seek out private security for their visit to Indonesia.

Intelligent Protection International Limited has been providing Bodyguards in Indonesia for many years and has vast experience in assisting client plan travel to the country and wider region.

Although we cover the whole country and indeed operate internationally, in Indonesia the cities we mainly work in are Jakarta, Surabaya, Medan, Bekasi, Bandung, Makassar and Depok.

Our Bodyguard Services in Indonesia are provided predominantly by our European teams with local support. We are great believers in extremely high standards and as such, all our Bodyguards are trained to British or European standards. All of our bodyguards in Indonesia are first aid trained to a high standard, are vetted and are former military or police, many are also multilingual, further assisting our international clients who wish to visit Indonesia.

We provide a range of service that can support our clients in Indonesia, including:

  1. Close Protection Bodyguards
  2. Armed Bodyguards
  3. Chauffeur Services
  4. Security Awareness Training
  5. Technical Security
  6. Technical Surveillance Countermeasures

Bodyguard Services in IndonesiaIndonesia covers a very wide geographical area that includes many Island and it would be fair to say that if you are planning to venture further afield than the capital Jakarta, there is plenty to see. Excitingly, in August 2019, it was also announced that the capital of the country would be moving to a new city that is to be built in the province of East Kalimantan, on Borneo. The move is due to many reasons, the main being that the city is sinking into the sea at a fast rate!

Indonesia attracts millions of visitors each year, a country that was very much built on trade, still relies very heavily on international business and maritime trade. Culturally, Indonesia is a vast melting pot of hundreds of cultures and with an estimated 700 regional languages. The main religion in Indonesia is Islam. Of course, with this many cultures do cause tensions locally; it is understanding these hotspots and wider intelligence that we base our own risk report for Indonesia on; this can be found here: Travel Advisory for Indonesia.

Aside from providing Bodyguard Services in Indonesia, we are able to assist our client with their itineraries should they wish to venture to more secluded destinations, perhaps for vacation. Indonesia has many wonderful places to visit including the UNESCO world heritage sites of Borobudur Temple Compounds that is an amazing Buddhist temple, dating from the 8th and 9th centuries and the Prambanan Temple Compounds dating from the 10th century.

It is true that Indonesia has something for every type of visitor. If you are interested in instructing our Bodyguard Services in Indonesia, please contact either our London office on +44 207 4566740 or regional field office in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia +60 32772 7346.

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