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“Intelligent Protection International is the longest established UK firm to be certified to provide Bodyguards in France”

Intelligent Protection Close Protection Services in Europe Bodyguard Services in France

Bodyguard Services in France

hire bodyguard services in FranceJointly owned by English and French nationals, Intelligent Protection International Limited has a great deal of experience in providing Bodyguard services in France. Our firm is the first UK Close Protection provider to be registered in France with an official office in Paris and to be licensed with CNAPS, the French Security Licensing authority. Our vast experience ranges from providing Close Protection in France for stars at the Festival de Cannes and the Deauville American Film Festival, providing security for clients at the Paris Air Show through to product launches in Paris and also includes family ski trips in the Alps and summer yachting vacations in Saint Tropez and of course Monaco.

If you are interested in Bodyguard services in Paris, please do visit our Paris-specific page: Bodyguard Services in Paris.

Hire a Bodyguard in France

All of our French operations are managed from our Paris office that is situated on the Champs-Elysées. If you have never hired a Bodyguard in France before and need advice, our article on the subject may help you: Guide to hiring a Bodyguard in France

Just like any other country in Europe, France has a degree of security concerns, the cities can be dangerous with virtual no-go areas after dark. For up-to-date security and terror information, see our free travel advisory: France Travel Advice or for Paris specifically, see: Paris Travel Advice.

Our Close Protection Services for France are built on bilingual English-French operatives, all of whom are highly trained, experienced and all former Military or Police.

Certified Bodyguards in FranceClose Protection in France is regulated by CNAPS (le Conseil National des Activités Privées de Sécurité); this is similar to the SIA in the UK, but is regulated at both company and staff level, therefore licensing is required by both. All of our Close Protection Operatives that carry out Bodyguard or security duties within France are registered with CNAPS and all have the relevant qualifications including First Aid qualifications.

Our Company CNAPS certification in France is: AUT-075-2116-05-17-20170601680

2024 Paris Olympics

Paris were awarded the 2024 Summer Olympic games. These games will be held across the city and at locations across France and as far as French Polynesia!

Intelligent Protection International Limited will be providing a wide range of security and support services for our clients over this period. If you are interested in Security Services for the 2024 Summer Olympic games, please see our page: Paris 2024 Security Services or contact our multilingual team for further details.

Close Protection in Paris

Please feel free to contact us to discuss any requirements that you might have for Close Protection in Paris or the wider area. Our French Management know Paris very well, its security risks and of course, the best restaurants.

Many of our Close Protection Operatives and Management speak both French and English; and some speak German and Spanish too; so communication is no problem.

Our Close Protection Services in Paris can be supplemented and supported by:

  1. Technical Surveillance Countermeasures (TSCM)
  2. Counter Surveillance
  3. Protective Surveillance
  4. Security Trained Drivers
  5. Intelligence Gathering
  6. Personal Medical Officers

Bodyguards for the Festival de Cannes

hire bodyguard services in the French RivieraEvery May, the Festival de Cannes is held in the city of Cannes in the South of France and attracts visitors from around the world. If you are interested in attending and require our Protective Services for the event, see our page: Festival de Cannes.

If you have any questions about Close Protection Services for France, please do contact us and we will answer any questions that you might have.

Close Protection in the French Riviera

There has been a lot of crime in the Cote d'Azur region, targeting wealthy individuals and families enjoying villa vacations. Intelligent Protection International Limited provides Bodyguards in the French Riviera including Saint Tropez, Nice, Cap d'Antibes and Cannes for summer vacations, visitors that travel on yacht and visits of high-net-worth individual who come to the South of France for business.

Bodyguards for Skiing Vacations in the Alpes

We are often asked if we can provide Close Protection Operatives for skiing vacations. Intelligent Protection International has a good number of skiing Close Protection Operatives, some are British and French qualified ski instructors. One or two have also represented Great Britain for winter sports. For more information on these services, please see: Skiing Bodyguards in France.

If you have any questions about our close protection services in France, contact our Paris office on +33 1 82 888340, our personnel speak English and French.

Can we supply female operatives?

Yes, Intelligent Protection has a vast network of female bodyguards from around the world. Often clients with young families like to have the peace of mind that a gentle, more covert approach is being taken to their children's security. This is a role that lends itself well to female operatives.

Do we supply vehicles?

Yes. We have a number of partners that we work with. It's not just about supplying vehicles, it's more about the right vehicle and driver for the task at hand.

Please contact us to discuss your requirements.

What about medical cover?

All of our operatives are qualified to a minimum of FPOSi, a British qualification. They would also have received training during their Military Service, many to a very high level.

All of our operatives carry first aid or trauma packs as standard, with larger packs in our vehicles.

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