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How to apply for a Security job with us

“It's not all about pedigree and breeding; it's often about hours of training and networks!”

We have overhauled our employment system, making it 100% online to enable us to filter applicants by location, qualification and skills.

Once applicants are listed with us on our database and vetted, then they will receive information on any new task that matches their skill set.

What is the employment process?

Before you apply for a bodyguard job with us, you will need to be certified. So, if you haven't yet undertaken close protection training, we would suggest reading our article on "How to become a bodyguard" to find out about the legal requirements for working in this industry.

To work with Intelligent Protection International Limited, bodyguards must first become a registered contractor – once you have successfully been vetted and completed our internal paperwork, contracts and policies, then you will be accepted as being registered with us.

These registered contractors will be informed of any full-time post or casual task before we release that information to the public via our website and social media.

How to become a registered contractor

It is very simple. Resister with us on our website and be sure to supply all documentation. As a minimum we will require:

  1. A scan of your SIA and/or CNAPS cards.
  2. A scan of your Professional Certificates (CP Course).
  3. A copy of your full CV.
  4. A Covering Letter.
  5. Any relevant Educational Certificates.
Please note:

You should upload as much information as possible and fill the forms in, in full. Ours is a searchable database, so your information will help identify you for future tasks.
Please do not try to upload documents from Onedrive, drop boxes or Cloud storage – they must be uploaded from the device/PC you are working from.

Is our database safe?

Our database is secured by 128bit encryption and managed only by senior Directors of Intelligent Protection International Limited. We will only use your information for company communications and will not pass any of your details on to third parties.

If at any time you wish to be removed from the database once you are registered, you can do so by emailing: and request removal.

Due Diligence
Intelligent Protection International Limited will carry out full due diligence on all successful candidates.

Easy steps to follow to apply for a security job

To apply for a job with Intelligent Protection International Limited, follow the following steps:

1. Go to our website: Intelligent Protection

2. Visit the “Close Protection Jobs” page: Close Protection Jobs

3. To sign up onto our employment database, simply click on “Sign up” or “Register” at the top and enter your email address. Then, press the “Sign Up” button.

4. Alternatively, you can click the “Apply Now” button next to each job offer that is listed under “Job Opportunities”, or click the “Apply Now” button next to “Please fill in your details to be registered with us for future work”.

5. Fill in your personal details, as well as experience and certifications information. To provide complete information about yourself, don’t forget to upload your resume and covering letter before submitting your application.

6. Once, you’ve completed your application, press: “Submit”.

7. Click: “Ok” after reading our message of thanks, so you can be redirected to our website.

8. You should receive a confirmation email from us shortly after your submission, asking you to confirm your email address. Click the link that is provided in the email to confirm your email address, so we can contact you when conducting the interview process.

Good Luck!

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