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“With the US seen as the home of Executive Protection, combined with the challenges of Latin America, this is something we just have to do.” - Alex Bomberg, Group CEO
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1 May 2018 | Close Protection

Intelligent Protection International in the Americas

During our nine-year journey we have had the privilege to operate in North and South America and across the Caribbean region in support of our clients. As we have grown as a company, the rise in the percentage of that work that we carry out in the US is such that we have decided to establish a permanent office in New York.

The continents of North and South America are very diverse geographically and politically, operating across those regions does bring its challenges, in terms of distance, time-zone and of course for licensing and taxation. For those reasons, our New York office will be the first of a number of regional offices across the Americas, and the timeline for this is expected to complete in early 2019.

If you are interested in discussing your Executive Protection requirements with us, please do contact us.

Intelligent Protection International Office Address in New York is:
14 Wall Street, 20th Floor, Manhattan
New York
United States of America
Tel: +1-212-461-1950

To assist our clients in the Americas, we have launched a brand new website specifically catering for the different regions and time zones. To see in detail what services we offer in the Americas, please see the following web pages:

  1. Executive Protection
  2. East Coast Bodyguards > Executive Protection Bodyguards for New York
  3. West Coast Bodyguards
  4. Caribbean Bodyguards
  5. Latin American Bodyguards
  6. Canadian Bodyguards
  7. European Bodyguards

Recruiting Executive Protection Agents in New York

We are initially interested in recruiting former NYPD officers, Executive Protection Agents or those with a military background. All Executive Protection Agents must be licenced by the New York State Department of State Division of Licensing.

All recruiting and processing of applications is carried out via our Security Jobs page, please feel free to upload your resume along with the appropriate supporting documentation. See: Executive Protection Jobs

If you want to know more about hiring a bodyguard in New York, please visit our page: Hiring Private Security in New York.

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