Hiring a Bodyguard in France

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Hiring a Bodyguard in France

“What you need to know and what are your legal obligations under French Law?”
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by Virginie Roux, Head of Marketing
18 January 2018 | Close Protection

Over the last 5 years, France has been hit quite badly by terrorism and sadly, this has had a direct repercussion on tourism and the general opinion that people can have about safety in this country. As a result, there is a higher demand for Close Protection Services in France for people who go there on vacation or for business, and are worried about their security during their stay.

However, as simple as it sounds, hiring a Bodyguard in France can prove to be quite challenging if you don’t speak French and if you know little about the regulation that surrounds the provision of this kind of service.

To avoid complication, some may prefer opting for a foreign Bodyguard company from their home country, to eliminate the language barrier that could be caused by having to deal with situations in French with a local firm. Nevertheless, this could reduce the quality of the service you are receiving because of poor local knowledge, which could also impact the responsiveness of your personal Bodyguard, should the situation degenerate.

It is important to know that Close Protection is strictly regulated in France by a governmental body, placed under the authority of the French Ministry of Interior: the CNAPS organisation.

CNAPS Presentation

CNAPS is the National Council of Private Security Activities, and was created in 2011 to regulate the private security sector in France and enforce the law. The organisation delivers authorisations to both security companies and Bodyguards to operate on the French soil.

On completion of a recognised training course, close protection operatives can apply for a professional card with CNAPS, to work as a Bodyguard in France. The card features a unique number that identify operatives and gives validity of their permit. Whereas, companies that comply with CNAPS requirements and apply for a license, will be awarded a corporate accreditation, which testifies that the firm can carry out protection services in France.

CNAPS does conduct regular checks to ensure that a company is CNAPS registered and that it respects its legal obligations.

Your Obligation as a Client

As a client for close protection services, you should be made aware that you must carry out your own private check. Thus, you need to ensure that the provider you have selected is licensed in France with CNAPS and that all Bodyguards that protect you have a valid CNAPS card.

Failing to do so, could engage your own legal responsibility and would constitute a legal offence when you are in the country.

Therefore, prior to using a provider, we would recommend asking the company that offers its services to provide you with a copy of their CNAPS licence and a copy of the CNAPS cards of the security operatives who will be in charge of protecting you.

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8 Reasons for using Intelligent Protection International Limited’s Close Protection Services in France:

1) Registered in France: a Franco-British security firm

Based in Paris, our company is registered in France since 2017 and is jointly owned by British and French nationals, providing an excellent understanding of the security industry in France and the needs of international clients visiting the country.

2) Licensed in France
Intelligent Protection International Limited has an office in Paris and was the first UK company to be licensed in France with CNAPS for the provision of Bodyguard Services in France, being the longest established British firm in France. Our International footprint with several offices abroad, enables us to cater for the needs of international clients when they are visiting France.

3) Well-established Firm
Our company is well-established with 12 years of operational experience at an international level, and benefits from Worldwide recognition; having had media coverage all over the world including in the UK, US, Brazil, Australia, France, Russia and Japan.

The firm is part of the Intelligent (UK Holding) Limited group and used to operate under the govern of its sister company, International Intelligence Limited that is now 15 years old.

4) Qualified & Highly-Experienced Bodyguards
Our Close Protection operatives that operate in France are mainly former members of the French Army, the French Foreign Legion or the French Police, and are all CNAPS registered. They are all highly-experienced in this field, having worked abroad, whether in hostile environment or capital cities.

5) Multilingual Operatives
Our Bodyguards in France are French-speakers and are fluent in one or several languages including: English, Spanish, German, Arabic and Russian. As a result, they can ensure that your stay runs as smoothly as possible, as they can act on your behalf as a translator, to make sure that you are being understood and that nothing gets lost in translation.

Our office staff also speak English, French and Spanish to facilitate conversations in your native language.

6) Local Knowledge
Our personnel have great local knowledge of places like Paris, Nice, Cannes and Saint Tropez. They are aware of the parts of certain cities that should be avoided, because they can be dangerous or overcrowded at certain times during the day.

But most importantly, they know all the good restaurants and sites that you should visit!

7) Royal Protection
We have extensive experience in Royal Protection and have provided this service in France for a number of Royal Families.

8) Armed Protection
Intelligent Protection International Limited can provide armed bodyguards if your life is under major threat, after making the request on your behalf to the Ministry of Interior. This is a process that cannot be arranged overnight, so we would need significant notice in advance, prior to your trip.

The demand would have to be assessed by the Ministry of Interior, who would then issue an authorisation should our request be successful. See our recent blog to find out more information about the law surrounding armed protection in France.

There are plenty more reasons for using Intelligent Protection International Limited that we could discuss with you in more details over the phone, email, or in person.

So, if you require Close Protection in France for your next trip, contact us now! Close Protection Services for France or Protection Rapprochée en France.

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