Country Briefings and Travel Risk Reports

Intelligent Protection International country briefings and Travel Risk Reports give an at a glance guide to all countries of the world, listing:

  1. Terrorism Concerns
  2. Security Information
  3. Security Related News
  4. Tips on Customs & Cultures
  5. Visa Requirements
  6. Embassy & Consulate Information
  7. Immunisations & Health Risks

Safe Travel
Safety is a concern of all international travellers and these country briefs are designed to aid just that.

It is advised that all travellers understand the risks and take reasonable precautions. It is important too, to understand the cultural differences that you might encounter on your travels. A little understanding and respect goes a long way.

Briefs - Europe

country briefings europe

Briefs - Africa

country briefings africa

Briefs - Middle East & Asia

country briefings asia

Briefs - N America

country briefings north america

Briefs - S America

country briefings south armerica

Briefs - Oceania

country briefings oceania